So! Got my first hatemail today (wow I MUST be popular now!) and finally felt like posting this huge long rant that I had in store for them. This is for every single hateful anon ever. Under a cut because of trigger warnings. Enjoy. 


You’re adorable Anon you now that?

Because a thousand different anons could tell me to go kill myself and I never would because frankly why should I? You’re someone who knows me from this blog.  Hell, I could be one of your friends from high school and you wouldn’t even know! Like I’m going to listen to you. If you knew me in real life I’d just be like “well bye bitch!” and boom you never need to see me again because frankly you’re obviously not worth spending a second of my life with so we’d both get what we want. I could just publish this message, put a witty gif and I wouldn’ think twice because shockingly, I don’t care what you think. I’m never going to care what you think.

But this is not about me. This about other people. This is about you, who feels the need to take time out of your precious day and send hate to people. And this is about the people who actually do take this to heart. Who actually ARE cyberbullied everyday because of your need to bring peope down. 

Anonymity can be fucking terrifying. People will do the most terrible things if they think we can’t see their face. I always read anon hate and wonder if they’d do the same thing if their faces weren’t hidden by a little grey face. Knowing that we won’t have any personal consequences, you do whatever the hell you want, message people hateful message on how they’re fat. They’re ugly. That they should kill themselves.

But the person on the other side? Sometimes they’re like me. Sometimes they really just don’t care. And sometimes they do. Some of those people will be in self doubt for the rest of the day. Some of those people will cry themselves to sleep. Some of them with self harm. And some of them will kill themselves.

Are you really okay with that? Knowing that because something that you said because you wanted to be “cool”, or that you were “just joking”, or even just because you hated someone enough that you felt the need to message them, that they might never forget it? That they might actually believe that, and act on it? 

And what if one of those people was your friend?  Your brother, your sister, someone you cared about? They’re getting message that tell them these things, and they’re affected by it. Those people,you’re the same as them, adding to the damage. And what if, someday, you’re the one on the receiving end? Will it feel just as gratifying to get hate as much as it was to send it? 

As someone who’s been personally affected by suicide, this is not okay. It’s NOT okay to tell someone to go kill themselves. It is NOT okay to try to bring them down because you don’t like their blog, because you don’t like them. People don’t NEED your help to feel worthless. It happens more than you know, to people that you think you know. A lot of us are constantly at odds with ourselves. Hell, I’m sure you are too, whether you like it or not. Sometime in your life, you’ve felt weak. I bet you’d love some shitty anon to bring you down further right?

The thing is, you don’t know. What if you DO push them over the edge? What if they listen? Will that make you happy? These aren’t issues that affect just one person you know - they affect a multitude of people - the people you make fun of, it affect their friends and their family. And by typing that hateful message, you are sending a ripple. And maybe one day, you’ll be affected by it. 

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to guilt trip you. I’m trying to tell you what the consequences of your actions are. I’m trying to tell you that there are real people who run these blogs, who actually affected by this type of thing. I’m trying to wake you up before what you do DOES have a disastrous effect. I’m trying to keep you from making a huge mistake.

If you’re not affected by this and are still willing to send anon hate like this, fine. You’re the scum of the earth. Congratulations. You obviously aren’t going to listen to what anyone says you can just kindly leave now. But if you’re one of those hateful anons who did read this, and get what I’m saying… I’m glad you’re willing to listen.

Please don’t send me more hate because I’ll probably just delete it because I don’t give enough fucks to respond to every single one. And please don’t send anyone hate because some of them will have much more negative response than me. Also. I don’t care if you’re joking. You can get away with a lot with me, but telling someone to “kill themselves” is not one of them.